Good music films are really good to watch on special occasions – here are some of the best music films. You can convert and download online videos using Clip Converter.

The ghosts are divorcing

When men and women meet who have completely different musical tastes, it bears a great resemblance to ice skating in hell: thin ice. For this reason, of course, we voted to be able to present for you the best and, above all, the most interesting films.

Bohemian Rhapsody

An emotional biography of the most important rock singer of the 70s and 80s. Rami Malek plays the famous Freddie Mercury and inspires us with his perfect imitation by overbite and moustache. Even if some scenes in the film deviate from reality, this is forgotten by the grandiose live-aid performance, which led to a flawless playback through the original recordings.

A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film the third remake of the 1937 classic “A Star Goes Up”. Her soundtrack “Shallow” won an award in the Oscar category Best Song and remained at number one in the charts of various countries for weeks.


Yes, even an animated music movie makes it onto the list. A family curse, the “Day of the Dead” and the love of music… Who doesn’t get curious? Anthony Gonzalez plays little Coco and enchants with his talent.

Pitch Perfect

If you’re into comedy, song-battles and drama, you’ve come to the right place! “The Barden Bellas” is an a cappella group that brings together a talented group of different girls and challenges in all three films, which they overcome with classics like “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna, “Like A Virgin” by Madonna and many more.

Rock’n’Roll High School

A film with the Ramones personally and a real classic. Rock’n’Roll High School is a childhood dream that has been made of a movie: rebellion, music that parents despise, and in the end the school is on fire. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should definitely make up for it. Rock’n’Roll High School is more than just a good music movie.

The Commitments

The film, which has won several BAFTA awards, tells the story of a soul band in Ireland. It’s hard to get started, especially if you’re trying to start a soul band without knowing the perfect line-up. A passionate music film with a fantastic soundtrack – absolutely worth seeing.

Cadillac Records

Etta James, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Little Walter: names that should trigger high-frequency heart palpitations for every music lover. And in addition, there are the finest music equipment from old times to marvel at. With stars such as Adrien Brody, Mos Def and Beyonce Knowles, the music film manages to impart in-depth knowledge of the artistic milieu of blues music and to entertain it to the end. Even Beyonce gives more than her pretty face here and has sung the pieces of Etta James herself.

School Of Rock

Jack Black is not only a guarantor for funny movies, he also brings us closer to the history of rock’n’roll. Did you know this movie was sponsored by Gibson and Marshall? This explains the chic equipment. A really good music movie – for fans of all genres.