Best Cooking Movies: Cooking Like A Pro

Professional cooking has long been an integral part of the entertainment industry. Cooking programs regularly flicker across the screen on the television. Cooking shows, in which celebrities present their culinary skills to the audience, are extremely popular. The film industry has long since discovered cooking in many different forms.

Cooking movies can highlight cooking equipment and accessories such as pizza oven and grill parts. Because of this, people who want to become chefs spend time reading GMG Davy Crockett review and other product reviews.

Ambitious amateur cooks are always looking for tips and suggestions to improve their own cooking. In addition, in times of fast food and ready meals, there is a great fascination with the professional preparation of meals. If this is also wrapped up in an exciting story, it quickly becomes an exciting film.

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Here are some of the best cooking movies

In the intoxication of the stars

The film focuses on Adam Jones, a former celebrity chef in Paris. The celebrated chef years ago lived like a star until his excessive lifestyle cost him his success. Months later, Jones shows up in London with his friend Tony, who runs a top-notch restaurant. The former star chef wants to make a new start with a new team and finally get the longed-for 3rd star. The attractive cook Helene, who initially resists the short-tempered boss, is said to be part of the team. With his team, he wants to create the perfect menu. The crew starts with a lot of hard work and passion.

Kiss the Cook – That’s the taste of life

The chef de cuisine Carl Casper works in a very good restaurant in Los Angeles. But the master chef has lost his sense of life. Professionally and privately, Casper is in a crisis. A public feud with a well-known restaurant critic is the last straw. On the Internet, he engages in a public debate with the critic and thus becomes known nationwide. But the dispute ends with his dismissal.

Together with his son and his ex-wife, they return to their hometown of Miami. Here Carl Casper decides to buy a mobile snack truck, a so-called food truck. After converting the car, he travels with his son and a friend. In the cities, they sell Cuban sandwiches that make Casper famous. He slowly finds his way back to himself.

Of course, you should not forget the countless cooking shows and the appearances of the various top chefs who prepare their dishes in front of the camera.