Convert to the right format: How to make your videos fit for all devices

Enjoy your TV recordings, favorite series, blockbuster films or homemade videos not only from the sofa on the big TV, but also on the tablet in bed or on the go on the display of your smartphone. However, in order to play a video on a particular device, it should be in the correct format. With a free tool, you can turn videos into customized files for many mobile and stationary devices in no time – UPDATED shows you how.

Convert videos in no time

Smart TV, mobile phone, game console or tablet – almost any communication or entertainment device can play videos. However, video is not the same video: From the resolution over the sound format up to the coding of image and sound in bits and bytes, there is serious under-shoot-de. This sometimes causes inconvenience: While a video file is displayed perfectly on your large flat-screen TV, the display of the identical file on the tablet can remain black. The size of a video file can also cause problems as the available storage space on mobile devices is often less.

With free software for video conversion, you can convert any film files into a format that is understandable for the respective target device, reduce their size and adjust the quality to your requirements.

Watch the video below to learn how to convert video files to mp4 or change video files.

Quickly convert a video

After starting, a converting app will ask the program to screen Source Selection to the data source. Click on the File option and, in the window that appears, switch to the folder with the desired video file on your computer’s hard drive.

Once the film has been loaded and analyzed, proceed as follows:

  • Scroll down the list of pre-sets ( “guidelines” that make converting easier) down until you get to sub-point devices come ( “Device”).
  • Select from the listing contract A-matches your target device. The specifications do not have to match the computer on which you are converting the file, but rather the device on which you want to play the video later.

decide the quality of the video

  • Suits your playback device – this defines all the necessary basic settings.
  • Now move the Quality slider to the left to reduce the image quality and thus reduce the size of the resulting file, or to the right to -improve the quality of a larger output file
  • To prevent quality settings that are too low leading to a blurred video image, examine the result in a preview of the video converter.

Whenever you can’t play a video file on your smartphone, smart TV, or media player, you can search for a video converter like Convert2 mp3. The free video converter prepares your films for devices that require a special file format. The video converters can also do a good job of shrinking videos to save space.