Tips in Turning Your Trampoline a Movie Theater

This time of uncertainty, a lockdown, a possible virus threat outside, the best thing we can do is to stay at home and find fun while we are at home.

Because when was actually the last time we find fun while staying at home? we only paid much attention to our mobile phones, or in our home office. We barely even forget what backyard picnics are like… but this time, we can.

So maybe there’s still a good reason for the quarantine in locking us up in our homes. With that, here are our few tips in making sure you get the most of your time at home while enjoying your bunch of old movie favorites at home.

Plan for a late night

You usually get two movies for the price of admission at a drive-in. The second movie ends well after midnight. You don’t have to stay for both, but the late-night is part of the fun!

Choose the right double-feature

We used to be able to count on our kids falling asleep before the second movie, but not anymore. So, now we look for double features with two family-friendly movies. They usually come around at least a couple of times each summer. Check the drive-in’s website every week so you don’t miss pairings that are the perfect fit for your crew.

Dress in comfortable clothes or pajamas

A drive-in double feature can last until 1 or 2 AM. It’s easy to move the kids directly from the van to their beds when they are already in pajamas.

Prepare the Trampoline Outside

Make sure to prepare the trampoline. You can get a really comforting mattress and pillows outside. Better to watch late in the day so you can enjoy a vivid and cinematic drama while watching your favorite movies. You can also bring indoor basketball hoop in the trampoline too, I mean it’s okay to get creative.

Pack fun snacks

One of the best things about a drive-in movie is that you can bring in your own food. We pop our own popcorn and pick up sodas and candy at the grocery store. You can bring pizza, a picnic, or anything your family likes.

Once you’re in the theater, don’t plan to leave for treats. Our drive-in does not allow re-entry but does sell snacks.