Watch More Movies And Series On Netflix

NETFLIX Codes Trick Unlock 1000’s of Movies & TV Shows Categories

Secret codes are the key

If you want to watch series and films on Netflix, you get a large selection. And the streaming portal knows us well. An algorithm and some magic analyze our visual behavior very precisely and always suggest new series and films that exactly meet our tastes. However, Netflix has many more films in the program than we are shown on the home page.

Easily find more movies and series on Netflix

If you prefer romantic comedies, Netflix is ​​unlikely to suggest gross horror films. But of course you can also access this genre. You only have to know how!

Netflix works with systematically created folders. There is a subfolder for each category in the film world. These are then provided with very specific number codes. So-called “B horror films” have the code number 8195, for example.

If you want to watch such a scary movie, you just have to type in the browser line and land directly in the category of your choice.