Why Do We Make Independent Film?

Hollywood is very hard to break-in but many have stories they want to tell. As you can tell in the title of movies who are now a huge name in the world of movies, nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough. Independent films are often unrated. In the earlier days, the studios initiated a self-impose production code which forbade everything Hollywood exploits today. Upon the advent of television which was much more restrictive, the movie industry abandoned their production code and started to relax a little so audiences could have a choice. They play it really safe with TV or play it kind of safe with movies.

The Motion Picture Association of America rating system changed in the year 1968 by placing restrictions to ticket sales to young people using the following ratings:

  • G – General Audiences
  • M – Mature Audiences
  • R – Restricted
  • X – Under 18 will not be admitted

It went to a few changes over the years and included PG (Parental Guidance) in the year 1972. PG 13 (Parents Strongly cautioned) in 1984 and NC 17 ( No one 17 and under admitted) which replaced the X rating.