Funny Kitchen and Home Commercials You Must See

In these times of quarantine, there are many ways to entertain ourselves. Movies and video games are not just the only sources of entertainment. You can also find entertainment with advertisements and commercials.

There are various commercials that one can find entertaining. Among them are commercials on kitchen and home appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, and refrigerators. Miele and Maytag are among those known to create commercials that are truly entertaining. If you are looking for Miele dishwashing machine, you can find them at vaatwassers kopen. Let’s take a look at these five advertisements that are hilarious and truly entertaining.

Miele’s Dishwashing Kid Commercial

Watch the video from YouTube. A kid found a new way to earn extra bucks with Miele’s spacious dishwasher.

Miele’s Washing Dog Commercial

Father truly believes that he washed the family dog and made a quick stop to save the dog. But it was, in fact, his daughter’s Teddy. Watch it in YouTube.

Miele’s Silent Vacuum Cleaner Commercial

So a woman vacuums but distracted with a buzzing sound. She finds the insect and sucked it in the vacuum cleaner. Now she can vacuum the carpet peacefully.

Miele’s Vacuum Cleaning Dog Commercial

So the man vacuums the floor with Mielle’s Vacuum cleaner. The woman picks the dog, removes the leash, and leaves it on the floor without the man seeing her. The man vacuums the leash and thought he sucked in the dog. Such a strong suction power it is, LOL!

Maytag Commercials Featuring Maytag Man

Funny how Maytag commercials use a real man (Mr. Maytag man) to represent their line of appliances. What really matters is what’s inside and he explains it really well. Maytag is consistent with all their commercials and Maytag man makes every commercial interesting.