You Should Watch Roblox: The Last Guest Movie

Roblox Last Guest Screencap

If you haven’t watched The Last Guest, then please watch it since there’ll be a lot of spoilers in this post.

Now Let’s Begin! Now if you play with ROBLOX, you’d know that Guests were eliminated from ROBLOX last year. It made plenty of people unhappy, but a few you-tubers like ObliviousHD have taken advantage of the loss of guests and have made Movies and Music Videos.

The Last Guest is obviously my favorite. Now This will include spoilers as I will be explaining the story. Therefore, in the event that you haven’t watched it, then see it!

The Guest is all about a boy. He had been born during a period of terrorism and murder contrary to guests by a terrorist organization. Throughout Guest’s first day of college, he is picked on because he’s among those few remaining guests. But his parents say something that is one of the greatest areas of the story. “Be Strong” The Dad states and then the Mother chimes in and says, “Always Be Strong.”

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Following this scene, they are at the park, and Guest is playing while he is monitored by his parents. And then they find the overall of the Bacon Empire using a gun pointed at them. The Dad attempts to convince the General to save them, without any doubt, the General firearms the Mother and the Dad down, killing them but before the Dad can finish his sentence. Guest hides in the playground. Following the General leaves, it begins to rain as Guest begins yelling over his parents’ dead bodies.

It shows Guest at his former home, waiting for the orphanage. He’s currently seeing the news about his parents’ death, and we learn about the Bacon Empire.

The next scene is Guest waking up in the orphanage, he is a little confused but then remembers he is now an orphan. We meet . (This scene is rather weird because it happens at what appears to be the park where Guest’s parents passed) Guest is playing with a basketball and sees something horrible… Daisy is getting bullied by a bunch of boys. She has kicked to the floor. Guest tells them to leave. After choosing a fight and he then receives a black eye. We meet with Mark that fends off the bullies.

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