How Films Affect People’s Lives

Movie makers are brilliant in manipulating your mind. Our emotions are affected with the movies they create. Movies make us cry, scream, afraid, nervous or even angry. We recognize that movies have the ability to influence our emotions.





When watching movies, we often feel and think the following:

  • We think that we’re the character in the movie
  • We empathize with the character
  • Movies is an art form that lives a big impact on many people.

When choosing movies, we should try to determine what these films actually do for us. We should make sure we’re reliably finding our way to see the best and the most useful kind of things. People ideally accept that film like other forms of art best reveals its power when we conceive of it as a kind of therapy.

Here are some problems and how films can help us with them:

  1. We take our problems and troubles too seriously. People are prone to self-pity. We feel down by the problems we experience in life. With these problems we react more sternly and seriously. Certain films can ease this natural tendency. Films can play our pains for laughs.
  2. Ordinary life seems too boring. Film has the power to glamorize our life. It puts in front our eyes delightful images that are shot in extraordinary colors which are vivid and immediate can open our hearts and minds to the real charms of everyday life.