League of Legends Movie Coming To Cinemas Soon?

Riot wants to make a movie and bring League of Legends to the big screen to encourage more people to buy lol accounts. Riot Games co-founder Brandon “Ryze” Beck talks about the plans and difficulties of the LoL film project.

During a round of “Ask Riot”, among other things, a possible film in the League of Legends universe was discussed. Riot Games co-founder Branden “Ryze” Beck has long dreamed of his on-screen champions, but he also recognizes the difficulties of such an endeavor. As one of the most successful MOBAs in the world, a League of Legends movie would certainly get a lot of traction. League of Legends wouldn’t be the first movie adaptation of a video game. The Warcraft film is among the best known and is the most successful feature film adaptation to date.

League of Legends – Cinematic

That’s why Riot has so far shied away from producing an LoL film

“We dream of a movie set in League’s universe where our champions come to life in theaters, but the success rate of video game adaptations is a disappointing lesson.” – Branden “Ryze” Beck

Most video game adaptations get bad reviews and haven’t exactly been big box office hits. Bad reviews for Alone in the Dark, Street Fighter and Need for Speed ​​rained down. The step to film production needs to be well thought out, even if Riot would rather start with a film today than tomorrow. Judging by the League of Legends cinematics and music videos, Riot has the potential to make a great film.

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Despite concerns, Riot is experimenting with film production

Despite these hurdles, Riot is exploring the film industry. You need different skills than a computer game to be able to tell a story in film format. But Riot accepts this challenge and tries to explore different formats. Branden “Ryze” Beck hopes that one day this experimentation and exploration will bear fruit and result in a theatrical format. However, he would also be satisfied with a smaller screen than the cinema screen, depending on what makes the most sense.

Lol Fandom says they trust Riot to be able to produce great cinema but they also understand the concerns. Unfortunately, most video game adaptations really aren’t the greatest. Nonetheless, the LoL fandom group is very happy to hear that Riot wants to take the time to be able to deliver the appropriate quality.