7 Ways Video Games Are Outshining Movies

Group of friends playing video games


A game that was notable for creating more cash than any movie ever made was Call of Duty: Black Ops, and yet more than visiting see a movie, gaming continues to be seen as more of a fringe activity. However, I suggest you read my article outlining why video games are the superior medium before you get that ticket for one more movie that you’re going to forget an hour afterward.

7. It is a Global Industry

Quiz the typical movie-goer on what they’ve seen the past year, and I’d almost guarantee the bulk you ask would only list movies from America. Hollywood is so big within the industry that foreign films tend to induce swept under the rug. I consider myself better versed in movies than the common person (not quite a film buff), and even I rarely watch a far-off movie.

6. They’re an Excellent Source of Entertainment

Entertainment is that the most significant aspect of video games. Time and time again, games with great graphics or storytelling sell poorly because the gameplay is not any fun. I’m perfectly okay thereupon. In fact, I’m the kind of gamer that might be okay if most games did not have any story, and developers’ spent all their concentrate on making awesome gameplay. That’s how games were once they started off, and that I mostly skip game stories anyway.

5. The Settings Are Fully Realized

Open-world games, like Genshin Impact, have the foremost immersive settings. To make these games, developers and designers must work painstakingly to form them from scratch. When Ridley Scott made Blade Runner, he didn’t actually create the entire futuristic version of la . . . he simply used enough computer graphics to form the few parts he was showing seem like a completely formed city. Had Blade Runner been to become a sandbox game (which isn’t a foul idea, I’d add), then every borough and building would have had to of been created only for the sport.


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4. Action-Packed Activity

The sad fact about modern movies is that the action genre is mostly dead. The one-man army, muscular, human-wrecking ball-type action heroes like Rambo or the Terminator is what I’m talking about. Sure, we’ve gritty action heroes like Jason Bourne and Christian Bale’s tackle Batman, but those don’t quite jazz on behalf of me. To be larger than life is how I prefer my action heroes. In this way, games are stuck within the ’80s and ’90s, and that I mean that within the best way possible.

3. It is the Most Immersive Medium

Notice I didn’t say it’s the foremost well-written medium. That may be a lie. The actual fact is games don’t draw you in so well thanks to their outstanding character development and scriptwriting. The explanation games draw you in is because you get to be the most character. Within the easiest movies, you’re simply watching the most character and seeing the alternatives he/she makes. In games, you create the alternatives, and ultimately, you are the one to blame for most characters’ fate. Without you, the character doesn’t progress.

2. Quality Sequels

I can list the number of movie sequels that were better or maybe nearly as good because of the original movie on one hand. Movie sequels usually end up one among two ways. Either they’re huge deviations that give us nothing that we loved about the originals, or they’re complete rehashes that bring nothing new to the table. Gaming has nailed sequels, though.

1. Games Provide a Reason to Come Back

More and more games are offering morality choices. These choices allow you to decide if you would like to play as an honest guy or a nasty guy. Reckoning on what you decide on, the sport will play out differently. It’ll offer different story arcs and alternate endings. The gameplay often changes similarly, like within the Infamous series. This will turn a 20-hour game into a 40-hour game because it offers you an incentive to come back back and play it again. It isn’t just limited to morality choices, either.