Movie Genres

What is your favorite genre of movie? Here are different genres of movies. The word genre means a kind, style or type of something. It’s a way of putting music, books and movies into a group or category.

Knowing which styles of movies you prefer and which genres of movies your friends and family prefer can help you to have great conversations and choose your next movie for film night.






What are the main genres in movies?

  1. Comedy. These are movies that are funny that will make people laugh.
  2. Action. Action movies are exciting and have lots of dangerous skills and stunts in them. Example of these movies are Mission Impossible, Die Hard, James Bond etc. If you’re looking for entertainment with some great action, try watching an action movie.
  3. Superhero Movies. These movies are usually based on comic books. Superhero movies are similar to action movies with a hint of fantasy. They are action movies but involving characters with amazing superpowers.
  4. Fantasy. These are movies that involve some kind of magic or supernatural ability.
  5. Science Fiction or Sci-fi. These movies are a little bit similar to fantasy but instead of having themes of supernatural or magic, they imagine what the future or a different universe could be like based on what science is able to do.
  6. Horror Movies. These are scary movies. They usually have things that jump out of you and surprise you suddenly. They also tend to have a lot of blood and many people dying.
  7. Thriller or Suspense. They are a little bit different from horror movies because they are more psychological. Viewers have to think about the plot more in order to understand what is going on and it really makes you consider things psychologically as opposed to horror movies that just scare you with things.
  8. Crime and Detective Movies. They are very interesting because it makes the viewers try to figure out who did it.
  9. Romantic movies or Romance. Many of these romance movies also have a bit of comedy in them. They are often called ‘Rom-Coms” or Chick-Flicks”.
  10. Drama. These movies include real life characters, characters that are as close to real people as possible but who are often experiencing intense emotional issues or really serious things happening in their lives.