Movie Streaming is Sweeping the Entertainment Industry

Let us face the fact that technology changed how we are getting information and at the same time, get ourselves entertained. Truth is, more and more people nowadays are ditching their cable TV subscription that easily costs them 100 dollars a month in favor of video streaming services similar to Netflix that only costs them as small as 10 dollars per month.

There’s a trend of users switching to mobile platforms. According to the report released by Cisco in 2015, it showed that 6.1 exabytes of data were used on mobile platforms in 2016, which is expected to double in the following years. It is pretty clear that countless of individuals opted to choose to cut the cord and check out alternatives to cable TV. Meaning to say, there are something exciting for savvy media producers to be explored.

Let us uncover the top reasons why video streaming services are gaining a firm hold of the community and the world at large today.

Convenience is Unparalleled

No one would want to be glued to the TV schedule, right? With a video streaming service, you have the power of watching your favorite programs at a time that is most convenient to you. This is creating the ability of watching programs while on the go.


In fact, there are lot of services that are allowing consumers to pick functions and features they want to use.

This lets consumers to pay for contents that they like to see and let go of payments for services and programs that they don’t need or want.


Video streaming applications and video streaming services are making recommendations as per your viewing activity. This is creating a personalized buffet of recommended content that’s targeted to the interests of the consumer.


Bottom line of switching to video streaming service is the dollar amount and value it offers. While the customization, scalability and convenience are the major driving factors in its shift, most of the budget-conscious customers prefer to cut their cable services to save money.

It is not even hard to find video streaming services today because companies behind these services are using various advertising platforms such as social media marketing, buy TikTok likes, posting on Instagram and so forth.