With The Pandemic New Normal, Should Be Expect More Movie Premieres Via Online Streaming?

Even before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were already hooked into watching movies in online streaming platforms such as Neftlix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. People are able to binge-watch dozens of installments in a film franchise, all in just on night. There are movies released many years back that can be once again enjoyed by the fans through online streaming. Aside from movies, people can also binge-watch their favorite TV series in just one sitting.

In spite of the existence of online streaming media, moviegoers still have a reason to flock inside movie theaters to watch the premiere of the latest blockbuster flicks. This 2020, there is a bunch of gigantic movies that the fans have long waited to see in theaters. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in, preventing people from going to movie theaters.

At this point, the possibility of having the movie premieres straight into online streaming platforms is being considered. It appears that this option is now being prioritized, instead of waiting in vain for the pandemic situation to ease up and have the upcoming movies debut in theaters. With this so-called new normal, we should expect big surprises from online streaming!

Fans May Not Need To Wait Until Next Year To Catch The Big Movie Premieres Of 2020

Since the pandemic broke out last March, movie producers made announcements that the world premiere of their potential blockbuster films will be postponed indefinitely. One of these much anticipated movies scheduled for a 2020 release is Disney’s live action film Mulan, as well as Black Widow from the MCU. Last April, 007 fans were supposed to witness James Bond in action in the big screen once again via No Time To Die, but because of the pandemic, we might need to wait until 2021 to see it.

At first, movie fans suggested that these big movie premieres must proceed as planned, but instead of showing them in theaters, they should be placed in online streaming platforms. This suggestion might have sounded ridiculous for movie companies at first, but now, Disney’s Mulan is set to premiere via Disney Plus. There is also pennsylvaniacriminallawyer.com for you to check out. However, Disney Plus subscribers need to pay an extra cash to watch the upcoming movie. Could this be a sign that blockbuster movies can actually be released straight to Netflix and such?

In this case, movie fans should be thinking about the quality of speed of their Internet connection at home. Just imagine trying to enjoy a movie, but the poor connection spoils all the fun.