Movies Presenting the Plumbers

Aside from the fact that plumbing or the job of the plumbers is often neglected in the society, it is quite interesting to know that there are films that honor their profession. With this, it is good to give credits to the actors that played this role effectively. It is also worth acknowledging those plumbers who eventually succeed in their showbiz career.

Presenting…the Plumbers

Problems associated with the plumbing system like leaking faucets may often be good for a laugh. That’s why with no surprise, most movies presenting the plumbers are in a genre of comedy.


  • Mario Brothers

This was launched on 1993 and was based on the video game. It was about the adventures of the brothers Mario and Luigi who were both a plumber. The cast of the movie includes Bob Hoskins.


  • The Passionate Plumber

The movie “The Passionate Plumber” of 1932 with the main role portrayed by Buster Keaton was all about his luck of dealing with the ladies rather than on his career as a plumber coventry. 

  • The Seven Year Itch

In 1955, this movie actually had a scene featuring plumber. That memorable scene was with Marilyn Monroe who stuck her toe in the faucet while sitting on a tub. In order to set her free, a plumber worked while Marilyn was having her bath.  

  • Plumbers Pipe Dreams

During 1960, this movie entitled “Plumbers Pipe Dreams” featured Popeye, the classic cartoon character. The plot circulated on a scene where Popeye tried to win the heart of Olive by fixing her plumbing

The movie list was all classical movies of the past. And as time flies, plumbers appeared in most television programs and movies making the list a long one. And in case you search for movies like these on modern times, definitely, you will still find a good one. 

Prior to Being Actors

Surprisingly, lots of actors were once plumbers before taking their steps on the spotlight. And the list includes:

  • Actor Michael Caine
  • Actor Bob Hoskins
  • Actor Gabriel Byrne
  • Irish Dancer Michael Flatley
  • Singer Joe Cocker
  • Singer Ozy Osbourne

Albert Einstein was not in the field of plumbing but he actually expressed to be one.