Watch Movies When Quarantined

Many establishments are closed in this time of crisis. People are asked to follow social distancing. At this time, we are limited to the comfort and security of our homes. While most of us have spent most of our time outside exploring the world, this is the time that we really have to stay put in order to put a stop to the spread of the coronavirus. While we are quarantined, there’s, in fact, a lot of things to do to entertain ourselves. And watching videos and movies actually top the list. But apart from this, there’s actually a lot to make us busy. Let’s take a look.

Download your fave movie from Tubidy is a straightforward online application that allows you to convert and also download various tubidy mp3 and videos from numerous video sites like YouTube that has a downloadable file. You can make your selected videos accessible to enjoy or listen to offline on any of your devices. So it’s practically music or video while on the go.

Watch Movies on Netflix

If you were just watching that one series with a friend or perhaps your loved one, and that is no longer possible, then there is a solution. You can still enjoy a series or film together via Netflix .

Reading books

So this it the time you can read your favorite book. So whether it be via your online reader or your favorite hard bound book, you have all the time to finish a novel or two.

Learn to play the guitar

Always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but never had the time? Now you can. Freelance guitarist Mark Tuinstra, who is also forced to sit at home, offers lessons via Skype, Facetime and Zoom. ‘Super safe! Pay what you want to the freelance musician without gigs right now, ‘he writes on Facebook .


As long as we can still go outside, you can of course run or cycle. If you were training for a canceled event, such as a marathon, it is best to take a break. “Train on, but take it a bit easier,” says sports doctor Guido Vroemen on NPO radio 1. That way you can peak again if necessary.

If you really need to stay indoors, you can maintain your fitness by jumping rope or doing burpees. “Then you have a complete workout,” without having to leave the house.

Listen to the best live albums

Concerts are also canceled for the time being, so it may take a while before you can listen to your favorite artists live. Het Parool made a selection of the most beautiful live albums ever and the best performances of classical music that are not yet heard through the concert halls.