The Different Phases Of Making A Movie

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To make a film you have to go through different phases. Here are the different phases through which they pass during this process. These, in general, are three: pre-production, production, and post-production. Let’s look in-depth.

Let’s start with pre-production. During this phase, we made all the necessary preparations before the filming started. The first step is usually the development of a script, in which, in addition to the screenwriter, the executive producer can also participate to obtain the best possible result.

After this, it’s time to do a casting to select the actors who will perform each of the main roles in the film. In parallel, all the steps necessary to start the recovery must be carried out: the financing of the project, the selection of the places where the recording, the hiring of technical staff working in the film, the preparation of the storyboard that guides the recording … After completing all these activities, they must start the production phase, which takes place during the shooting of the film. You should try to keep as much as possible the dates previously established based on a schedule, in order to make the most of the time and money invested.

During this process, which involves a large number of film professionals, it is where all that is written in the previous phase becomes reality. Unlike what many people think that the scenes are not written in the same order in which they are in the final of the repertoire, but they are organized according to various factors: the availability of actors, time to rent the sets of the shots, the type of paths that appear, and so on.
Once all the material has been recorded, the post-production phase begins, in which they make sense of everything done so far. Thus, in the editing studio, the scenes and sequences are selected, edited and sorted more appropriately among all the films available, to give rise to what will be the final assembly to obtain the screens.

It’s also time to add the sonic component to the film, introducing the soundtrack and different effects in the scenes that require it. Furthermore, recording the voiceover involved in the film, and in case of need, can repeat the dialogues of the scenes that were not entirely satisfactory.