The Importance of Movies

Movies spark the imagination. It’s a way of showing things that were never seen before. It takes us to other places and opens a new adventure. It shows us the beautiful things around us and makes us realize that life is full of beauty. It can show the worst of humanity and the worst of us.  It is a great teacher. It lets us hope, motivate and inspire. It creates awareness and can change our perspective on how we view things. Movies come in many language, colors or form. Movies make an impact. Watching movies allows us to experience things outside our everyday lives. Movies is an instrument for people who don’t have a voice to speak. We watch movies because it matters. We can relate with other people, cultures, beliefs and or religion by watching movies.

Movies continue to evolve over time and it has become the most popular source of entertainment for many people. For some they see movies as a major source of profit so many movies are created for this specific reason.  Whether a movie makes us cry, laugh, sad, question or doubt, what’s important is these movies make us empathize. It allows us to look at human beings with all of their flaws. Since movies and other forms of media is a powerful medium, it is important for us to understand and watch movies more critically so we can get the most out of it.  Movies can change our lives. We learn about people who came before us, those who are around us and most importantly we learn about ourselves. Take movies as an opportunity to discover what it is to be human.