Watch Movies from the Internet To LG TV

Film and series fans are no longer dependent on LG television programs. Thanks to platforms such as Youtube and Netflix, viewers can design their programs. However, the appropriate apps are not preinstalled on every television. With older devices, the YouTube app is no longer always maintained by the parent company Google and is worthless for the user. However, nobody has to look at the online content on the computer screen. There are ways in which content gets on your LG TV.

SmartShopperUSA: Computer with HDMI cable

How it works: You can easily connect modern PCs to the television using an HDMI cable. This then serves as a second screen, the control continues to run via the computer. If the computer does not have an HDMI output, a corresponding adapter, for example from the DVI to the HDMI connection or an extra cable, is required to transmit the sound. In case, you got some issues with your LG TV, you can check SmartShopperUSA site for a solution.

Advantages: The solution is cheap. Movie fans only need to buy the HDMI cable for the PC they already have. In addition, the cable connection is very stable, which promotes interference-free transmission.

Disadvantages: tangled cables. If you don’t have a notebook, you have to connect to the PC. Laptop owners have it easier but have to live with the fact that they cannot use the device without restrictions while enjoying the film.

SmartShopperUSA: Streaming box or stick


How it works: The solution is elegant via streaming boxes or sticks, such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast or Apple TV. Users connect the devices to the television via HDMI. Ideally, the box or stick disappear behind the device or integrate optically into the multimedia corner of the living room.

Advantage: For some movies and video streaming services, apps are already preinstalled, some of which can then be controlled directly by remote control. In addition, content from a tablet, smartphone or PC can be sent wirelessly to the television via Wi-Fi.

Disadvantage: the wireless transmission is less stable. The transmission can become unstable depending on the utilization of the home wireless network. In addition, boxes and sticks are not cheap.